Blackpool Illuminations 2018

Blackpool Illuminations 2011 Switch On

For the first time in dacades the Blackpool Illuminations 2018 Switch On show will be on the promenade on the newly completed Tower Headland. It will be the first time since the early Illumination days that the crowd will be able to watch the Switch On Concert and see the promenade Illuminate when the lucky celebrity flicks the switch.

As the summer season draws to a close, Blackpool looks forward to long autumn nights bathed in light and colour.

Blackpool Illuminations are considered to be the greatest free light show on earth, which entertains millions of visitors each year and brings glowing warmth to even the coldest October evening.

The Illuminations have been a major part of Blackpool’s attraction since 1879 when they were described as ‘Artificial Sunshine’ and have been a guiding light for visitors to the resort ever since.

Blackpool’s annual Festival of Light compliments the traditional Illuminations with a contemporary look at the concept of light and art working together to create entertainment. The festival features a number of interactive installations designed to both amuse and provoke thought in the visitor, and also produces a calendar of Illuminating events

The brightest night of all in Blackpool is the Big Switch On, when thousands of people gather to witness the first illuminating night of the season, and the pulling of that famous switch. On this and every other night of the season, Blackpool’s Illuminations retain the magic and excitement which every visitor experiences on their first trip through the ‘Lights’ as a child. The styles and technology, however are constantly,

The Blackpool Illuminations offer you a host of different experiences andways to view the glittering spectacle. Whilst most visitors drive through the lights either by car, coach or bus, there are some more exciting and rewarding ways of viewing the dazzling displays. Hop aboard an open top tram for the clearest view of the lights, or perhaps a ride in a horses drawn carriage could be a special romantic treat. You can of course walk through the Illuminations, with a warm coat and a bag of chips: the best way to get involved with the interactive elements of this uniquely Blackpool attraction.